Why is FRP grating suitable for use in sewage treatment

FRP grates are especially suitable for use in corrosive environments due to their lightweight, high strength and corrosion resistance. With the country's attention to environmental issues, the sewage treatment industry has developed rapidly, which provides a huge market for FRP.

Due to the special environment of sewage treatment, traditional metal materials are easy to be damaged, resulting in security risks. In sewage treatment, a large number of guardrails are needed around the sewage treatment pool. There are a lot of sewage with strong corrosive, the splashed water or volatilized water vapor has a strong corrosive effect, over time, if the use of traditional hair metal materials, will rust, even damaged, there are many hidden dangers, so it is very suitable for the use of FRP guardrail, FRP guardrail has corrosion resistance, can ensure the service life, And the appearance is beautiful and colorful, and can always maintain bright color in the corrosion environment, which can play a role in beautifying the environment. In addition, the pavement of the operating platform, the hanging device of the biochemical water treatment pool, and the maintenance walkway of the sewage treatment plant are usually used as materials. Compared with metal profile, FRP grille has light weight; High strength; Excellent corrosion resistance can fundamentally solve the problem of easy corrosion and difficult maintenance of metal guardrail. Due to these characteristics, FRP guardrail and FRP grille are particularly suitable for sewage treatment and other corrosive environments. The use of FRP material in sewage treatment is also an inevitable trend.

2023-07-12 10:49