The flame retardancy of FRP grille is related to the filler

We often say that FRP grille is a new type of composite material with high flame retardancy, and its application scope has become very extensive. Why is the flame retardant property of FRP grille so good? This is related to its raw material, that is to say, the flame retardant of the FRP grille is related to the filler.

We now know that the raw materials of FRP grid are resin, glass fiber and filler, which we often say. Today we are going to talk about the filler, which determines whether the FRP grille is flame retardant. The filler is usually calcium powder or aluminum powder.

Among them, calcium powder is commonly known as: limestone, stone powder, is a compound, it can improve the whiteness and brightness of the product, and the fire performance will also increase, and has a great effect on stability, improve the hardness and surface gloss, smoothness of the product, in addition can reduce the production cost, but also can increase the toughness and strength of the product, generally used in the production of non-flame retardant grille requirements.

Aluminum powder is made of pure aluminum foil with a small amount of lubricant, crushed into scaly powder by ramming, and then polished. Aluminum powder has light weight, high floating power, strong hiding power, good reflection performance of light and heat. The application scope of aluminum powder also includes: new building materials, chemical industry, military industry, high-grade metal pigments, composite materials, refractory materials and so on.

In practical application, in order to improve the flame retardant performance of FRP grid, it is mainly necessary to increase the proportion of aluminum powder in the material, reduce the proportion of calcium powder or not to use calcium powder, which can greatly improve the flame retardant performance.

In addition, let's understand the other properties of FRP grille:

1, resistance to a variety of chemical media erosion, no rust, long application cycle, from protection.

2, uniform color inside and outside, and color can be arbitrary choice. Can be customized according to customer requirements color, improve the workplace environment.

3. Strong designability, sensitive and diverse size, and stable size.

4, light weight, simple cutting, no need for fire and large lifting equipment, only manual and small tools, low installation cost.

The flame retardant of the FRP grille is related to the filler. When choosing the grille, we should pay attention to what is the filler in the raw material of the grille. If the flame retardant requirement is high, we should choose the FRP grille made of aluminum powder filler.

2023-07-12 10:49